Do you have role model in your life? Naturally people are disposed to imitate someone who made them amazed.

Since some years ago social media existed in our life, it has brought advantages as well as disadvantages. How social media affect our life is back to ourselves, how we use that. For me, social media (Facebook) has helped me connect with diverse people. One of them is inspiring people. And Today, because of Facebook, I got so many inspiration.


I just read my senior Facebook notes. Inspiring, that word which could imagine the content of his written. In those notes he shared his thought, ideas, and sometime he wrote poem too.

Since the first time I know him, I feel so amazed and envious. In his youth, he has created fabulous academic as well as non-academic achievements. In the deepest of my heart I desire to surpass him someday. Could I, ehm, why not?

Inspiration. It is abstract, Word who can make someone move. Move from sleep to sit, sit to walk, walk to run, run to fly. Awaken spirit, soul, and desire to do something useful.

Ganbatte Kudasai !!


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