Travelling, and EXPLORE the world !

Okay my friends, I think I haven’t posted anything in this blog for some period. So, in this good chance, I will share to you about my thought about travelling. Why travelling? just read, and you will see it. 🙂


Some days ago, exactly from march 20th to 29th, I got chance to become one of Indonesia Delegation to visit China. I was chosen because My Senior caouldn’t go, so (because of some reasons) he chosen me to go.
Actually that was my first International Trip, so I feel so nervous and anxious. 🙂


After doing that trip, I remembered an article I read some months ago, entitled Passport, that article written by Rhenald Kasali. In the first paragraph, Rhenald told a story about his activities in class room. As a teacher he was doing something different as teacher mostly do. He didn’t turn on his laptop and then present his lecture through Power Point. He started his lecture with question about passport.


How many students in his class have passport. Actually, there are just 5% students who have passport. On the other hand, 90% students said they have used aircraft service. So, Rhenald concluded most of his students just a local tourist. After that, Rhenald asked his student to make passport. Passport is a very important document, it is entry letter to visit other countries.

In the middle of that article Rhenald told about the importance about going abroad and backpacker symptom. In the last, he wrote, “going abroad grow our innovative and initiative ability, besides, it awakening our confidence. Going back to Indonesia, we bring priceless experiences, story, picture and photograph which create our vision”.


That is my contemplation after my first international trip, the next question is. Where is the second place to visit?


Day by day after that trip, emerges intention in my deepest mind to continue go abroad, my destination is southeast countries. Why South East countries?

First, I think, countries in South East Asia region have similar culture, so it will be easier to me to adapt with their culture.

Secondly, we don’t need visa to enter those countries. Yes, there is rule say that we don’t need make a visa to enter those countries, so, it make our journey wiil be easier and cheaper, doesn’t it?



Thirdly, by 2015 Indonesia in collaboration with ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) have initiated to create ASEAN Community (encompass Asean Economy Community, Asean Political-Security Community and Asean Socio-Cultural Community ). Therefore, preparing that agenda, it is better for us to know the condition and character of South East Countries. 🙂

So, Let’s go abroad and explore the world !!


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