How to Maximize Potency of Social Media?

Since some years ago, exactly 2007, social media has become important part of our life. Existence of social media changed some of our daily activities, even, political, economy, culture and marketing area. Discourse the usage of this kind of technology is divides into two opinions, Social Media Increases quality of life or destructs it.

Actually, How Social Media Work and affect our life is based on our wisdom.


Look at these facts about social media in this world.

First, China, the 2nd most populated country, decided to forbid the usage of social media in its country. Then, Look at the condition of its country, that decision doesn’t give such a big impact. Instead, China became the fastest economic growth country in the world. In short, base on that fact, we could give 2 conclusions. First, there is no correlation between usage of social media and country’s condition. Second, the absent of social media in China make it country’s condition better.


Second, let’s see our country, Indonesia, Facebook’s 2nd largest users and the most active twitting nation. Since social media enter our country, time by time it changed our structure of life, in the morning, culture to read newspaper and drink coffee was substituted by opening Facebook and Twitter. In politic area, politicians use social media, particularly Facebook and twitter to share their vision and to get electors in general election. In marketing area, some companies enhancing the usage of social media to introduce and offer their products. The unique one is, some ojek (motorcycle used for public transport) drivers in Tangerang regency, create web to offer their service, this is called as Ojek Online.

Visit their website,


Those facts has given us image about the weaknesses and excesses of usage the Social Media. So (back to the topic), the challenges are how to maximize or optimize Social Media’s Potency.

In short, In my opinion, there are some methods to optimize the usage of Social media.

First, use social media to increase our link and network.

The Youth are leaders of tomorrow. That sentence is credo which believed in our country (and I think in world too), In my opinion, to become leader, youth need to build network early on. Social media is tool which we can use to connect with other people even famous people like ministry, Companies’ CEO, legistilative assembly member and many more.


Second, share and discuss.

It means we can use social media as tool to share your ideas and thoughts, then, based on that, we can discuss with other people. I believe that one of the fastest methods to increase our capability is discussing and exchanging our mind. I have implemented this point, regularly, I share my blog’s post into Facebook and twitter, so, my friends could read that and then I can discuss that post.


Third, meet with past friends

Social media help us to meet again with our past friends, rebuild our friendship, exchange our experiences then discuss.


Fourth, Joining Communities

There are so many groups and communities in social media which can we enter easily. For example, if your passion is in Energy, you could join Facebook’s group named Energy Nusantara. If your passion in travelling, you can join Backpacker Indonesia and Backpacker Dunia. In leadership area, there are some groups that you can enter. Young Leaders Indonesia, Forum For Indonesia, Indonesia Future Leaders etc.


Fifth, Publicizing our events.

When we can’t inform our events to our friends directly in the real world, Social Media is the best alternative choice. Because, Nowadays almost all of people have Social media account.


Sixth, place to maximize our organization meeting

As student, I join some organizations in my campus, periodically my organization held an event, consequently we must do meeting regularly, because of difference lecture’s schedule, we must make a strategy to handle that problem, And social Media (Facebook) is the best choice, isn’t it?


*maklumin ya kalo secara struktur dan kosakata banyak yang salah, baru belajar euy..:)


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