First Experience : Papandayan Mountain

Alhamdulillah, I have time again to write an english article in this blog, after crowded activities one week past.

A few days ago, I finally got chance to hike one of Indonesia Mountain, Papandayan. This is the first experience for me in hiking mountain, so it is very unforgettable. I went there with 3 of my Friends, Tomo, Nata and Fahmi. We went there by motorcycle. We spent 6 hours to reach that mountain and 4 hours to return. In this post I will try to share some hikmah that I got during that trip.


First, Prepare your journey. 🙂 Actually this is sudden Journey, we just planned 5 hours before. Because of minimum preparation, in the night I felt a Chill. The temperature was very cold in the night.


Second, Indonesia Nature is the best. Doing this trip make me more realize that we (Indonesia) have very great Nature. Papandayan is only one from hundreds Indonesia Mountain. It has exotic vies at all, we can see garut city from the peak. Guess what ? I got Sunshine view from the peak. Great !!


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