Allah gives His mercy to me (again)

This is my fourth day in my new place. At the last of my 4th Semester, I got a Scholar named PPSDMS Nurul Fikri. Actually this is an unique scholar, besides give money for its receiver PPSDMS also require its receiver to live in a dorm. For 2 years PPSDMS will give training and coaching for us. Although just 5 days live in this dorm, I got so many great and inspiration activities and 36 new friends. I just wanna say Alhamdulillah, Thanks to Allah which gave this for me.


Being PPSDMS’ Scholar is my dream since my first grade. I write and imagine one day I got this scholar. I strived to fulfill its requirements, especially my score. Now, when I got this scholar, I still fell like dreaming.


Since live its PPSDMS’ dorm and joining its coaching, I promise to my self to always doing my best in every activities. Because I know that I have eliminated other candidate, Allah has given this rare chance to me, So I must maximize it. Besides, joining this scholar means I must reduce my time with my family in the next two years. So one of the best way to keep Birul walidain to them is got achievement and inform it to them, I just fell so happy when I can see their smile.


Last, by joining this program, I can make my dream come true, guess what? Sorry, I won’t inform it in this post, maybe next time. Keep reading my blog. 🙂


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