I just finished discuss with my supervisor. He just arrived from Cairo, Mesir to present his Paper about Islamic Human Development. Of course, In this article I don’t want to tell about his Paper, maybe next time. I would like to share what kind of our theme discussion in this night. Actually, There are 2 questions I asked to him.
First is about how to spare time well when we have 2 big and important responsibilities.
Second we discussed about our dormitory’s condition.


About the first, I asked him because he ever has 2 big and important responsibilities and based on some of his friends, he could handle both of them well. So I tried to explore him, how he could handle those 2 responsibilities well, oh yeah, his 2 responsibilities are President of this dormitory and Head of Faculty Economy Unpad Student Union. After do discuss with him, I got some lessons.


1. You must have priority
2. Always fulfill your promise
3. If you do a mistake, tell your friends honestly.


In the initial stage in balancing those 2 responsibilities maybe we will face collision. But you must believe it just happen in the initial, after that you will familiar with all of that.

In discussing our dormitory condition, we divided the discussion into 2 parts. First, how is our dormitory condition in this week (since he left this dormitory) and second is his plan for our dormitory next.

Actually there are so many inspiration in our discussion, but I am sorry, I couldn’t tell all, because I fell so sleepy. Good Night Everyone. Have a nice dream. Don’t forget to pray and do tahajud first. 🙂


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