As usual, every Monday Morning our Dormitory (PPSDMS Reg II Bandung-Bandung Boys) do ceremony. After doing Waktu Berkah Shubuh and Deep Introduction Part 2, we started our ceremony at 05.50. As usual, the composition in this Ceremony are Sing Indonesia Raya, Mars PPSMS, reading Idealisme Kami, message from chief of the Ceremony, duaa. Ceremony is like an entry point for us in facing day by day in a week. Ceremony always gives us new spirit to tackle all of excuse which obstruct us to develop ourselves. So today’s Ceremony. Brother Deden who play role as Chief of the Ceremony give us so many Inspirations. But, Based on my point of view, one of the most important is his message is how to develop our character first than achievement. We believe achievement is important, but the most important is how to build our character.

Yes, we should focus our character, I believe, achievement is just output from our character.



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