Surface Miner (Paper Summary)

Rock cutting with surface miner: A computational approach by Premananda Pradhan and Kaushik Dey.


Mining industry in this era is facing a lot of problems, one of them is about environment. Surface miner is predicted can be an alternative to tackle those problems. Because surface miner is considered more enviromentally friendly and low cost than conventional one.
Based on th final Report, definiton of Surface Miner is the technology to extract, crush and load material in one go. This machine, if applicable, may be an alternative to drilling & blastingin mining of mineral and rock deposits and eliminates primary and even secondary crushing.
In their paper Premananda and Kaushik Dey explained there are 3 step which has done to do surface miner.

i) Whether the mine is suitable for deploying surface miner or not?
ii) If suitable, then which surface miner model should be used to achieve optimum production?
iii) How the selected model can be judicially deployed in the surface mine?

The first two decisions are taken by mine planner and top management and the third is by field engineer.

In surface miner, there are some parameters that affect the production, those are :

  1. Point Load Index (Is)
  2. Volumentric Joint Count (Jv)
  3. Abrasivity (Aw)
  4. Direction of cutting respect to major joint direction (Js)
  5. Machine Power (M)


The Indicator is got from a formula developed by Dey and Ghose (2008). The Formula is named Cuttability Index :


We can calculate the index based on the paramaters below :


Utilising this cuttability index production rate of a surface miner can be estimated as follow :


After we got the Production or cutting performance, we can make mining design base on the value, we can use software to make it.


There are 3 types of Surface Miner, the type is divided based on the design of the machine :

1. Machines with middle drum configuration (Pic. 3.1)
2. Machines with front boom cutting drum (Pic. 3.2)
3. Machines with front cutting wheel (Pic. 3.3)

In the process they offer further advantages, such as :
• Safety orientated mining and crushing leading to –

  • easier mine management,
  • regular and systematic production,
  • higher productivity,
  • o value-added end product, thus better economy,

• Continuous cutting and crushing operation,
• Reduction of ground vibration, noise and dust development,
• Elimination of primary crushing, and sometimes secondary crushing as well,
• Precise preparation of stable surfaces and highwalls,
• Level and clean surface leading to increased tyre life for mobile equipment, etc.


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