Shopping time !

After such a long time, recently I went again to that place. 1 week holiday and 3 weeks do intern in another country. It means i left Bandung for 1 month. Monday, 01.30 Am I departed at Bandung. Then, I did such a routine activities, dormitory programme, study (actually i have been absent in class for i week). But I dont why, I just felt guilty, after 3 weeks lived in other country, I just felt something that I can say as Shock Therapy. I ask a lot of things to myself.

Thrusday, September 5. After finishing a class, I decided to go there, yes, that place. Rumah Buku and Togamas.There are some activities which I will do if I felt bored.
Reading Quran, Go with my motocycle to lonely place or go to Book Store.

In that day, I chose to go to Book Store. Yeah!

Went around and read some books, I decided to buy 3 books.

  1. Mutasi DNA PowerHouse
  2. Negeri Di Ujung Tanduk
  3. Anak-anak Angin

Why I chose those books?
1. Mutasi DNA PowerHouse
Actually, I have intended to buy this book since my first year in university. In that time I was really impressed by Rhenald Kasali’s Thought. So, I bought his books : Change, Wirausah Mandiri, Cracking Zone, Cracking Value, etc. But I dont why, I always didnt have money when I want to buy Mutasi DNA PowerHouse. So, when yesterday I have enough money, I decided to buy it. And you know? It is expensive  —__–

2. Negeri Di Ujung Tanduk
Since the first time when this book was released, I really want to buy it. But I thought maybe I can borrow it from my friend in dormitory. Because when talking about novel, I think we will read it only once. But, I never found this book in my dormitory, so yesterday I decided to buy it. Actually, i was really amazed by Tere Liye’s Books, since the first time I read Hafalan Shalat Delisa, it was very great ! then I collected some of Tere’s book, like Ayahku (Bukan) Pembohong, Negeri para Bedebah, Rembulan tenggelam di wajahmu etc.

3. Anak-Anak Angin
I found this book unintentionally when I went around in Togamas to search Mutasi DNA PowerHouse. I read the summary, and I was impress by part of sentences there “Bayu juga belajar banyak dari mereka. Dia belajar bahwa niat baik dan kekerasan hati saja tidak cukup untuk mengubah keadaan. Belajar bahwa solusi hidup bukanlah kata-kata motivasi”. That’s it! Totally agree ! and I must learn to implement it. This book is about Bayu, one of Pengajar Muda batch 1 at Indonesia Mengajr Movement. He wrote all about his life in his place (Halmahera) in his blog and he made it into a book, really inspiring.

Yosh, those are 3 books I bought yesterday. Buying those books means add my book heap. I must manage these 200 books properly, Let’s Rock ! Haha

Buying and collecting books are a longterm investment, I always believe it will usefull to my future life.


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