What is your highest achievement?

One of session in this SCG orientation forced us to share our highest achievement. Actually, everyone has different view point when talking about highest achievement. Some people mention highest achievement because of its difficulities. “because I really must do all of my best to reach that, because i must sacrifice all of my resources” someone said.
Other one think highest because of the achievement scope. Larger mean higher. For him international champion is higher than nasional champion, national is higher than province and so on.

How about for you Denny? For me, Highest achievement is something which very influence myself. And in that forum, I said my 2 highest achievement are :

  1.  First Experience go Abroad (China)
  2. General championship Comdev

Intercultural exchange, most of the participants in that forum said same thing with me. One of the highest achievement in their life is intercultural exchange or you can say it as go abroad. In march 2012, I got chance to go to China for 10 days on behalf of Ministry of Youth and Sport RI. You know? Go abroad for the first time, that trip was opened my mind. I see another world. With different culture, system of transportation, infrastucture, people, etc. That trip opened Pandora Box in my mind. I realized that this world is very wide. And then I asked a lot of things. Why Indonesia cant imitate Cina in this system? Why? How? What? Etc. Go to others country make me reflect a lot of things.

The second one is when my dormitory got a General Championship in Jambi University Exist Fair (Community Development competition). One of value in PPSDMS is teached us how to contribute to people around us, ppsdms teach us to join social movement to build sense of belonging to the citizen. The long term vison is when we become a stategic position in Indonesia one day, we will remember that there are a lot of people around us who need our help. A journey to get that championship, teach children in Ciparay teach me many things. It chance my thought. I just realize that we have a lot of our homeworks to make better Indonesia.

The first one open my mind, realize me that this world is very wide, there are a lot of thing I dont know, I must do travel again, again and again. Go around the world and I believe I will learn many things. The second one teach me to keep contribute to people around me, we dont need to wait until we are in stable condition, we can help from now, with every thing we can.

So, how about you? What is your highest achievement?


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