An Aftertaste of Cikuray Mountain (2821 mdpl)

“It is so cold” everyone will say that when they arrive at the summit of Cikuray Mountain. That day from the summit we can’t see view around Cikurai Mountain, the weather is not good enough, Cikuray’s Summit is full of mist. Even we can’t take picture properly. Cikuray is fourth Highest Mountain in West Java, after Ciremai, Pangrango and Gede.


One day before, we started our journey using 6 motorcycles from Bandung. We promised gather in front of ITB (our campus) at 8 am. Preparing all of our stuffs (renting tent, stove and buying food) we officially started our long touring at 9.30. 5 hours later, we arrived at our first basecamp (Pos Pemancar). Amazing, that one word describing fabolus view there. From the basecamp we could see Papandayan Mountain stand up with its gigantic body with a lot of houses outspread behind.

Parking our motorcycle and ensuring all of our stuff was ready, we began our hike at 4.30 pm. Misty cloud accompanied our journey, Cikuray was not in his best condition now, force us to hike faster to avoid hiking in the night, the weather would be worse at the night, furthermore hiking at the night was not a good choice, because of lack of light.

Cikuray was very different to Ciremai –Highest West Java Mountain which I hiked 1 year ago- in the first track we must breath deeply, the track was very steep, Crazy! In the first track Tea garden was outspread alongside, before we enter rain forests. At 07.00 pm, we arrived at third post, because of safety reason, we decided to build tent there and started our hike again at 3 am tomorrow. After Establishing our tent, we collected all of our food, discussing which one we would cooked first. Hiking has a lot of values inside : togetherness, struggle along, etc. One of my friend said “ when we hike a mountain, your stuff is ours, your food is ours, there is no statement, these are mine, those are mine, we are together now” such a wise and valuable words.

We filled that night with telling our life, everyone should told us their story with woman, Oh My GOD! Through this Galau –in Bahasa Indonesia- forum, I knew my friends life deeper. Lol. A lot of alarm was ringing at 2.30 am, but there was no one waked up. Haha.

5 pm we started again our hike, leaving our tents in post 3 and just bring important stuffs to the peak. Like as said before, Cikurai’s track is very steep, hiking Cikurai is like walking on the ladder. Slippery road added challenge us to tackle this mountain. Because of that, I thought twice to take picture. I just focused myself to walk further.

7.30 am, yeah, lastly, we arrived at the peak, 2821 mdpl, such along journey! But peak of Cikurai full of mist, so we can’t see a good view around. While taking some photos, we really hope the mist wiil disappear soon, so we can see how beautiful Peak Cikurai’s view is. But, it like the mist wouldn’t disappear, so we decided to go down at 9.30.

Hiking a Mountain is unforgettable moment, I really hope I can Hike all of Indonesia mountains oneday.

view from basecamp

view from basecamp

in the midway to Cikuray Peak

in the midway to Cikuray Peak


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