Racau English

In order to make to sure that i will pass EILTS test target, especially in writing (and others reasons), i would like to write english racau everyday or every two days or every three days or maybe as can as i write 😀

4 thoughts on “Racau English

  1. (ED #1 Choice)

    Life is about making choices. i realize it, but i don’t know why i realize it more in this 2 days.

    it is about choice i made. there are 2 options. Make it simple : Yes and No. And you know what? I chose Yes, although a lot of reasons to choose No.

    I thought a lot of time, what should i choose. In this problem, I am really stubborn. keep choosing Yes, I really don’t know.

    Can you imagine? when you keep choosing Yes meanwhile you have a lot of reasons to say No.

    a lot of development books explain, if you would like to decide something, make sure you have seen the problem in detail, comprehensively or some people named it as Helicopter view. in my condition, actually i have seen the helicopter view yet, but my heart just say Yes. stunned.

    I really don;t know, I just should pray this is the best choice.

    Oh Allah, please guard me in this choice and in this life know and ahead. Teach me to always take hikmah wherever it come from, because i know most of Qur’an isn’t about policy, but about story.

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