Block Caving Mining Method

Since tomorrow I really excited to learn about block caving mining, because a day before, we have an interesting meeting with President Director Rio Tinto Indonesia. Actually, the meeting not only discussed about mining method, generally it was discussing about mining policy in Indonesia. Well, I realize my knowledge in mining sector is very shallow. Especially, about technical and field experiences. As a mining graduated student, it is very important for me to have a direct experience in mining field not only learn the theory from text book. Until now, I just have experience in open pit mining (when I visited PT NNT for 8 days in early of 2015) and quarry mining (when I did internship in SCG Thailand). I don’t have any experience or field experience in underground mining (block caving is one of them).

Although it is very different, this morning Youtube gave me a little 3D-knowlegde about how the block caving mining is. Lol. I hope soon I will have a chance to visit underground mining (Freeport maybe) hoho. Here is example of the video. Keep learning keep going.


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